Giving Back through Retirement Assets

Oct 10th, 2010 | Category: Member Stories

 Sue & Kim Stover recognize that retirement assets make a great gift for ministry. 

Having grown-up in Nebraska, Kim & Sue Stover returned in 1998 as called staff at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hildreth. Serving as President of Lutheran Planned Giving Services at that time, David Fuerst (a native son of the Hildreth congregation) motivated them to begin their planning for family and ministry through a wills seminar he offered at their church.

While the Stovers were not sure what financial des­tinations and detours they would face prior to retire­ment and death, they knew they wanted to return to the church a gift from their ELCA pensions. It seemed reasonable & right to return, to the Nebraska con­gregations they served, (they recently updated their plans to include Our Savior Luther­an Church, Wayne where they have served as Pastor and Director of Lay Ministry since 2006) the remain­der of their pensions since these congregations have been the source of their retirement funds.

The balance of their estate will be shared with their children: Jeremy and Josh are graduates of Ohio Uni­versity, Athens, Ohio while daughter Andrea is a 2009 graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College, Hickory, North Carolina. Kim & Sue also have one grandchild.

“LPGS helped us recognize that retirement assets make a great gift for ministry. If we leave them to our children, they will be taxed as ordinary income. If we give them to our charities, we give less to Uncle Sam leaving more for our family and favorite ministries,” said Kim.

The Stovers hope that remembering the congregations in this way will encourage new ministries and provide for future necessities. In addition to the congregations, a portion of their charitable gifts will be shared with the Nebraska Synod, a faithful partner in ministry for the Stovers.